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Braces for teeth have come a long way from the conventional metal “train tracks” that many of us had as children, and with modern orthodontic advancements, no one even has to know you’re wearing braces. Dr. Richard C. Kardovich, DDS, PC, keeps current on the latest techniques and products to straighten teeth, and will consult with you to see what works best for you. As an adult, you may have developed a complicated bite problem and it may be too difficult a job to be handled by Invisalign. Although clear Invisalign braces can work wonders, with complex bite problems, our Selden braces specialist would recommend impression free braces.

11784 Impression-Free Braces
11784 Impression-Free Braces

Still a cosmetic brace, impression free braces can offer you the same result as traditional metal braces, without the discomfort, or metal that hides your smile. Current developments actually allow some Invisalign braces to be fitted with bands but they are still not capable of handling a complicated bite problem. There are plastic nodules that the bands attach to on the Invisalign retainer and they can break if they are put under too much pressure. Replacing the plastic retainer is not very cost effective after the initial cost of the Invisalign braces. Our Selden braces specialist, Dr. Kardovich, can now offer clear orthodontic impression free braces that can fix a complex bite problem, while still giving you the cosmetic advantage of Invisalign.

Impression free braces were designed especially for adults and are crafted from clear plastic with ceramic nodules that fit over your teeth. Substituting all the metal parts from traditional braces for a cosmetic alternative, our Selden braces expert can offer you orthodontic treatment you need, without the look of wearing braces. The ceramic used in these braces can be made to match your natural teeth, and use clear plastic bands and brackets to give you the strength supplied by traditional metal braces, without the bulky metal look. Our well-educated staff is knowledgeable on these latest orthodontic advancements and happy to answer any questions regarding braces. Whatever level your bite problem may be, we have choices for you to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

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