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Orthodontics can re-align a bite and repair a crooked smile and they do work wonders, but there can be some orthodontic problems along the way. The goal of our pediatric orthodontist in Sayville, basically, is to correct a bad bite while promoting oral health. Your child’s teeth may also be crooked or over-crowded, but we have even seen cases where teeth appear straight, but the young patient had an uneven bite.

11784 Braces
11784 Braces

This bite could easily cause further dental problems if not properly aligned. A bad bite can be inherited or also caused by poor oral habits, including thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Richard C. Kardovich, DDS, PC address all these problems and more in a relaxed, fun atmosphere while staying on the cutting edge of orthodontic technology.

Once your child’s teeth are straight and not crowded they are also a lot easier to keep clean, with a much better chance of avoiding tooth decay and periodontal disease. Dr. Kardovich reminds all orthodontic patients to stay on top of their orthodontic treatment and appliances, keep regular check-up and adjustment appointments and, once braces are removed, be sure the retainer is worn to keep teeth straight and aligned. Some orthodontic problems our pediatric orthodontist in Sayville will want to address at are a cross bite, crowded teeth, protruded teeth, under bite and a deep bite. Once your child has had their orthodontic consultation with Dr. Kardovich, we will have specific information regarding their oral issues and the goals we want to achieve with braces.

Other orthodontic problems that we sometimes see are jaws that make sounds or grinding and clenching teeth, often due to TMJ. Some of our younger patients have had difficulty with speech, chewing or biting, and you have sought out our orthodontic guidance with these issues as well. Our pediatric orthodontist in Sayville stays educated on the latest advancements and up to date methods so are able to offer the most innovative orthodontic options to all our patients. Straightening teeth is not only for cosmetic reasons and promoting good oral habits and regular upkeep avoid more serious problems that could take much more than braces to fix.

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