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Ordinarily, it is recommended that children first be examined by an orthodontist- if needed- at the age of 7, but our Selden orthodontist, Dr. Richard C. Kardovich would like you to know about the advantages that can be had from orthodontic evaluations and planning that begin earlier than that. Our goal as well as yours is to do everything possible to ensure that your child’s teeth are straight, healthy, and beautiful. By getting out ahead of any potential problems or difficulties, steps can be taken to turn that into a reality.

Orthodontist 11784
Orthodontist 11784

Our Selden orthodontist will work with you as a partner in determining the best orthodontic strategy for your child. Of course, if he or she shows signs of problems with tooth spacing, alignment, crowding, or proper tooth growth, these issues can and should be dealt with right way. Symptoms such as finger or thumb sucking, misplaced teeth, difficulties chewing, breathing through her or his mouth, or having teeth blocked out are all reasons that you should immediately call us to arrange an orthodontic evaluation. These aren’t the only things that can be managed. Your child’s jaw and teeth should be in proportion to the rest of their face, and her or his jaw should not make sounds when it moves nor should it be shifting. Other possible reasons to consider evaluation and planning are baby teeth that are lost before they are supposed to or baby teeth that do not fall out on schedule.

Both traditional braces and Invisalign are possible treatments for any challenges that are determined by our Selden orthodontist. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that uses advanced computer 3-D technology to straighten your child’s teeth. It may not be ideal in every instance, but it does have some distinct benefits including being nearly invisible and therefore greatly reducing any self-consciousness that your child might feel from wearing braces. Regardless of what method turns out to be best, orthodontic evaluation and planning make for an excellent head start on your child’s oral well being. Beginning early makes it easier to keep her or him on the right path and to correct any problems if needed.

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