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Clear vs. Metal Braces in Selden

Orthodontics Selden
Orthodontics Selden

Orthodontic care is common. It can be employed to straighten teeth, correct bites, and improve the aesthetic appearance of a person’s smile. Whether braces are for health or cosmetic reasons can determine what kind braces are used and what other treatment methods might be considered. Here at the offices of Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC you can learn all about orthodontics in Selden, including what the real difference is between clear and metal braces.

Metal braces are the most commonly prescribed type of braces. There are many reasons for this. Metal braces are often most widely covered by insurance providers, they can be used for mild and severe cases, and they can be adjusted easily as needed. Clear braces are not always covered and are better suited to more mild or cosmetic situations, but they can be incredibly convenient for the people who are eligible to get this specific treatment. Here at the offices of Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC you can get orthodontics in Selden, whether you need metal or are eligible for clear braces. Some people don’t mind how they look with metal braces, plus these braces can be used in conjunction with other tools if needed, and depending on the patient’s specific needs. Clear braces can help adjust the positioning of teeth and can even be applied to people who may have had braces in the past but have since suffered from dental crowding. Metal braces involve the use of brackets and wires. The brackets are attached to the front of the teeth and a wire is threaded through and attached to each tooth in a row. Every so often, the wire is adjusted, thus “tightening” the braces. Clear braces are different in that a new pair is made every few weeks, each set slightly different from the last, so the teeth move gradually.

When it comes to orthodontics in Selden, Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC can help you get the care you need right here at our local offices.

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