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Here at our Selden orthodontist office, Dr. Richard C. Kardovich and the rest of our staff understand that orthodontic emergencies happen, and we are her eot help you through it should one ever happen to you. Orthodontic devices are made up of a several important components that must be functioning together properly, and so it is not unheard of for orthodontic emergencies to throw you off track. We would like to inform you about some of the most common orthodontic emergencies so that you can be prepared should you experience any of them. One of the most serious orthodontic emergencies is if you experience trauma to your face and/or mouth. After some traumatic injuries, you will see immediate damage to your braces that needs to be addressed, but in other cases you may think your braces are fine. You should still visit our Selden orthodontics office after you experience any trauma to your face or mouth so that Dr. Kardovich can determine if there is any damage to your orthodontic appliances. Another common orthodontic emergency is if a bracket, wire, or rubber band comes loose. You should not try to repair these things on your own, and you should always visit our Selden orthodontics office as soon as possible so that we can correct the problem. These kinds of issues can throw your treatment timeline way off track if they are not handled swiftly and effectively, and so time is of the essence in such emergency situations. Another common issue that we see at our Selden orthodontics office is patients with food stuck in their braces. This may not seem like an emergency, but in some cases it can be quite painful. Try using floss to get the food out, but if you feel you truly cannot, schedule an emergency appointment at our Selden orthodontics office so that we can assist you. If you are ever experiencing pain or soreness from your braces that will not subside, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kardovich as well.

To learn more about basic orthodontic health topics and all of the related services available to you at our Brookhaven orthodontics office, we encourage you to visit Dr. Kardovich’s main website to browse through all of the additional information we have provided for our patients. You can also contact our staff directly at the office if you have any questions or concerns.

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