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Orthodontic Appliances in Selden

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Orthodontic appliances in Selden

Orthodontic appliances in Selden
Orthodontic appliances in Selden

Orthodontic treatment is different for everyone. There are various appliances to meet the individual needs and requirements of our valued patients. Here at the practice of Richard C. Kardovich, we’re pleased to offer both an updated version of traditional metal braces as well as Invisalign, the system of plastic aligners that is an alternative to metal braces. Beyond that, we also provide options such as headgear and expansion appliances so that you or your child will get the best possible results.

Metal braces have come a long way, and yet remain very popular among our orthodontic appliances in Selden. There must be reasons for that, right? Well one of them is that they do a reliable job of straightening crooked or otherwise improperly positioned teeth. Thanks to the many advancements made over the years, they have been revamped to be more lightweight, with a streamlined appearance that is even stylish. For some particularly challenging cases, they may still be the only option to achieve the desired outcome. However, in many other instances, you can opt for Invisalign, the other major choice with our orthodontic appliances in Selden. It’s a system of clear plastic aligners that does the same job as metal braces, but with certain benefits that are simply not possible otherwise. For example, they are invisible. It’s as if you are wearing nothing on your teeth as far as anyone else can tell, and yet your aligners are working all day and all night. Well, almost. They’re removable, so you take them out to eat, brush, and floss. That’s about it. However, the advantages such as being able to have all your favorite foods without restrictions and being able to brush and floss without interference.

Simply schedule an appointment with our office right now to come in and determine which of our orthodontic appliances in Selden is most appropriate for you.

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