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Kids orthodontist in Selden

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Selden Kids Orthodontics

Orthodontist in Selden
Orthodontist in Selden

Oral health is incredibly important, no matter how old you are. It is vital that kids get the comprehensive dental care that they need in order to make sure that their teeth and gums develop normally as they get older. Sometimes, kids may need interceptive orthodontics to ensure that their oral health will become or remain healthy in the future. Here with our local kid’s orthodontist in Selden, Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC, can provide them with the care that they need, even kids orthodontics if necessary.

Orthodontic treatment is most commonly associated with teenagers and young adults. Usually, braces or retainers are not used to alter, correct or improve the appearance of a person’s mouth until their permanent teeth have all erupted and fully come in. But sometimes, interceptive orthodontics is necessary. Even though baby teeth are not permanent, they still act as placeholders for permanent teeth. Sometimes, serious malocclusions or dental issues will arise while kids are still young and still have their baby teeth. Usually, orthodontic work is prescribed to kids around the ages of 12 to 14, but in some cases, a malocclusion may be so serious that several teeth may need to be pulled or extracted in order to make the procedure possible. Interceptive orthodontics can help resolve these sorts of issues completely. Because the baby teeth are placeholders for the permanent teeth, altering the positioning of these teeth early on can dictate where the next set of teeth will emerge. Our local kid’s orthodontist in Selden, Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC can help diagnose such issues to help provide treatment before adolescence. Interceptive orthodontics has been known to significantly lessen if not completely eliminate the need to extract teeth to make way for orthodontic treatment and can make any future procedures go much more smoothly and yield far better and even faster results.

If your child has any dental concerns or issues, or especially if they have any malocclusions, our local kid’s orthodontist in Selden Richard C. Kardovich DDS, PC can help provide your child with a comprehensive exam. This will help determine what sort of treatment they need and when they will need it.

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